A.P. Donovan – Excellent straight razor 7/8 ” cut throat Razor Set – Mahogany – Complete

$219.95 $189.95 (as of March 10, 2017, 1:04 pm)

The quality of the razor blade determines the thoroughness of the shave – The steel used for this razor is a particularly high-quality alloy: Japanese steel, similar to the known as White Steel-Shiro Gami steel. This carbon steel achieves a hardness of 63 Rockwell and enables the production enormously sharp blades. The pressure applied to the highly polished razor blade means gold etching logo stands for quality.
Whether well balanced in the hand is your razor, is heavily dependent on the weight ratio between blade and handle dependent. As a natural material give you heavy hardwoods best conditions to oppose the blade steel an adequate weight. For those prepared carefully by hand grips this razor mahogany wood from the forests of Madagascar are used. You will be fascinated by this successful symbiosis of steel and precious wood.
The shaving brush in A.P. Donovan offer are exclusively equipped with the highest quality material: hair from Badger. The hair is stylishly set in a handle made of fine mahogany wood and stainless steel. This decorative Shaving is an investment for many years with good care. The fragrant, skin care Shaving from AP Donovan is specially designed for use with our exclusive shaving brushes. For a more thorough and skin-gentle shaving experience.