Hair and Beard Growth Support – Men’s Facial Hair Supplement – 5000 MCG of Biotin – Vitamins A, C – DHT Blocker Hair Loss Treatment – Use With Smooth Viking Beard Oil, Balm, Conditioner – 60 Capsules

$23.97 (as of March 10, 2017, 11:47 am)

The Ultimate Hair Growth Supplement – Have the awesome beard you always wanted with Smooth Viking’s Hair & Beard Growth Support supplement. Your daily intake of this powerful formula will fuel your hair with 5000 mcg of Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and more to help you have a thicker, fuller, and healthier beard that all of your peers will envy! Use in tandem with our Beard Oil, Balm and Conditioner!
Fights Hair Loss Like No Other – Whether you’re showing signs of hair loss, or simply want to prevent it. This Hair & Beard Growth treatment has you covered. This supplement functions as a powerful DHT blocker that can help prevent vitamin deficiencies in the scalp that can cause hair loss.
Gives Your Hair a Biotin Boost – Do you want a bigger and better looking beard? If so, a B-Complex vitamin called Biotin is just what you need. Not only does it aid in the prevention of hair loss, but it can also give you a natural boost in your rate of hair growth. And as if that wasn’t already cool enough, it also restores your hair’s shine, elasticity and density.

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